Read RSS feeds in Chrome or Firefox with Smart RSS Reader extension

Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta
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If you like privacy then you will definitely like this Smart RSS Feed Reader browser extension as compared to cloud based feed reader. Smart RSS Reader will turn your Chrome or Firefox browser into a feed reader software.

I was quite impressed with its interface. Excellent clean and user friendly interface. It shows the entire contents of the feed as it is. It does not modifies the html structure of contents.

 Simple RSS Reader Interface

It is also very easy to add feed to it. Just click on the button marked “Plus”in the top left corner and enter the feed URL.

 Simple RSS Reader Add Feed

There is also another way to add feeds. Right click on its feed icon. You will see a link to the feed. Click into it and subscribe it.

 Simple RSS Reader Add Feed

If you have a lot of feeds, you can organise them into folders.

Smart RSS Reader supports OMPL files. So you can import your feed into it from any other feed reader easily. To open import export function, right-click on its icon and go to Options.

You can also change the interface of this feed reader through the settings. By default, the feed items and feed details are placed side by side. If you want, you can placed them on top of other.

Simple RSS Reader Add Feed

Smart RSS feed is available for both Chrome and Firefox, you can download it from the following link:


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