Top 4 Features of Brave Browser

Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta
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Brave browser was launched in 2016. Since then, its market share has been increasing rapidly. The Brave Browser is created by Brendan Eich (Creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla Corporation) and CTO Brian Bondy. Like Google Chrome, it is also a Chromium based browser. But there is something special in it, due to which it have proven itself as a better alternative of Google Chrome. Today we will discuss the top 4 features of this Brave browser, which are making it everyone’s favorite.

1) Blocking trackers and advertisements that steal data:

Main focus of Brave Browser is on ad blocking and privacy protection. If you are using Brave Browser then it will hide all the advertisements of any site. Many sites have so many advertisements that sometimes it becomes difficult to browse them. Many websites keep trying to monitor your activity. So you can protect yourself using Brave browser because it blocks all the trackers and ads.

2) Brave browser is a faster browser than Chrome

Brave browser website says that it is up to three times faster than Chrome. It has also been found in various tests that in many circumstances, websites in the Brave browser open more quickly than Chrome, Firefox. This is more noticeable when there are many advertisements on the site. When other browsers get busy to load advertisements, the Brave Browser finishes the loading of page.

3) Built-in Tor browser

Brave Browser strives one step further to protect your privacy. While the incongnito mode of other browsers only hide your browsing history but websites are still keep tracking you, the built-in Tor browser in Brave not only hides your browsing history but also your location IP address etc from the eyes of websites. It also encrypts the connection as well.

4) Earn by viewing ads in Brave browser

Yes! On the one hand, Brave Browser blocks all advertisements, on the other hand, if you want, it also rewards you money to watch the advertisements. In Brave Browser, if you turn on Brave Rewards, it will send you notifications to see ads in every certain time interval. If you choose see the advertisement, it will reward you some money in return. Brave Browser rewards you in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Brave Browser is available for all desktop and mobile operating systems.

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