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Reality of Unlimited Web Hosting

You must have often noticed that many web hosting companies offer unlimited shared hosting. Does Unlimited really mean Unlimited? What is its truth? Let's know. Meaning of Unlimited Web Hosting Unlimited web hosting means that you will get unlimited disk space...

How to install Microsoft Teams in Linux

The Microsoft Teams client is the first Microsoft 365 app available for Linux desktops. This software provides support for chat, video meeting, calling and Office 365 documents on a single platform. In this post, we will learn about how to install Microsoft Teams on Linux.

XnConvert: Best Batch Image Converter for Linux Windows & Mac

XnConvert is a cross platform batch image processing software with which we can not only change the format of multiple images in one click but also perform watermarking, special effects, border, image adjustment etc. in a one click. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

How to do voice typing in Google Docs and WordPress

Gone are the days when typing long documents either required the help of a typist or learning typing itself. Because now it is possible to type by speaking due to the development of artificial intelligence. In this post we will learn about various web based tools for Voice Typing.

How to save the command output in a file in a Linux terminal

In this post are going to discuss about how you can save the output of any Linux command in a file.

How to install Webmin on Fedora 33

Webmin is web based system administration software for Unix and Linux. Using webmin you can control and manage your server through web browser. You can also call it the GUI of Linux server. In this post we will learn how to install webmin in Fedora 33.

Get Linux Commands Cheat sheet using TLDR

Today we will discuss about TLDR. TLDR is a collection of "help pages" related to Linux commands maintained by communities that can be accessed by any client. This can become an alternative to traditional MAN pages. Because it is very easy to understand.

Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Explained

Users coming from Windows background to Linux are often get confused about the file system of Linux. Linux "/" directory is often compared to Windows' C: drive. But this is not correct. There are no drive letters in Linux. Let's understand the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard and the purpose of various directories present in it.

Install LAMP Server in Ubuntu/Debian using Tasksel

The full form of Tasksel is Task Select. That is, you select a task in it and then it will automatically installs all the packages related to that particular task. It does not require to select all packages related to a particular task separately. For example if you select Xubuntu Desktop, then it will install all the packages related to Xubuntu desktop on your pc.


In the computer software world, you must have been hit by words like GUI, CLI and sometimes TUI. Let's understand what are these things?

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Reality of Unlimited Web Hosting

You must have often noticed that many web hosting companies offer unlimited shared hosting. Does Unlimited really mean Unlimited?...
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