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Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

While working on any computer, if you know the keyboard shortcuts, then you can accomplish the tasks more efficiently. Today, we will learn about many such keyboard shortcuts of Ubuntu Linux, which can make our daily work more efficient. Using...

Linux Mint Announced a Fast New File Transfer Software

If you want to transfer files between any two computer machines, then pen drive, Bluetooth or Samba share can be used. But Linux Mint is bringing a new app for you. Linux Mint stated in a recent blog post...

How to Shutdown Windows from Command Line

There are many options available for shutting down Windows from the command line that are not available by clicking on GUI. Today in this article we will learn how to shutdown Windows from the command line. So let's start. First...

Differences between Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server

A server is a computer that provides data and other services to other computers in the network (Local network or Internet). Any computer becomes a server when we install Server software in it. Any computer server is created when server...

Can open source kill Microsoft?

When software is developed, its source code is written in a language like C, Java. These programming languages ​​have English words that any programmer can easily understand. But the computer cannot understand these languages. Therefore, to be executed on...

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Web developer by profession, Over 10 years experience of building websites and web applications. Currently working on Epaper CMS Cloud (Software As Service based product). Special interest in computer and technology. After writing on the blogger platform for years, started his own tech portal Antarjaal.In.
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Reality of Unlimited Web Hosting

You must have often noticed that many web hosting companies offer unlimited shared hosting. Does Unlimited really mean Unlimited?...
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