10 Cool Browser Tips and Tricks

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(1) Opening Last Closed Tab

Pressing Control + Shift + T together reopens the tab you last closed. It works in both Firefox and Chrome.

(2) Image Search By Pressing S + Right Click

Firefox: If you click S + Right on a picture, the Set As Desktop Background dialog box will open.
Chrome: You can do “Image Search ” on Chrome by right clicking on an image plus pressing S on the keyboard.

(3) Image Search By Dragging and Dropping Image

If you drag an image from the desktop to Google’s search box, it will be uploaded automatically and “image search” will be done on that image. It works in both Firefox and Chrome.


(4) Automatically Add .com, .net, .org

If you type anything in the address bar and then press “Control + Enter”, then (.com) will automatically be added to that word. Shift +Enter will add .net and control + Enter will add .org. It works on both Chrome Firefox.

(5) Opening Link in New Tab

Holding down the control button while clicking a link opens that link in a new tab. It works in both Chrome and Firefox.

(6) Turn your browser into notepad

Make your web browser a notepad. Enter the following code in the address bar of your browser and press inter. The cursor will start blinking in your browser. And yes you can save whatever you write in it.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>


(7) Open Google.com

When we open google.com from our browser, google.co.in opens. This is because we are from India. If you want to open main google dot com then go to http://google.com/ncr.

(8) Opening Private/Incognito Window Shortcut

Press Control + Shift + N to open a Private window.

(9) Mirror Google: elgoog

Open the website of Elgoog https://elgoog.im/. In this, you will see Google horizontally flipped. All search results will also appear in horizontally flipped. Here you can find some fun games, such as Pacman, Snake Game etc. Go and check https://elgoog.im

elgoog browser tricks

(10) Know how did a website look like in the past

If you want to know how a particular website looked in past then you can try wayback machine. Visit https://web.archive.

Know how did a website look like in the past. Wayback machine

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