Breaking News! Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla has been released.

Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta
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Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla is “a short-term release”. It comes with 9 months of security updates, significant improvements, and select software updates. Canonical includes Linux Kernel 5.8 and Gnome 3.38 with it. And yes, this is the first Ubuntu with desktop support for 4GB + 8GB models of Respberry Pi 4.

Major Features of Ubuntu 20.10

  • Linux kernel 5.8
  • Active Directory support in Installer
  • LibreOffice 7.0.2 with a new icon set
  • High Precision scrolling in Firefox
  • Rearrange app grid as per your choice
  • Pagination in app folders
  • Now you can also share Wi Fi Hot Spots with QR Code.
  • If the microphone is being used but muted, it will inform you.
  • Calendar events will appear below the calendar widget
  • You can see the battery percentage in the top bar above.
  • Restart option in status menu
  • New wallpapers

Ubuntu 20.10 can be downloaded from the following link.

You can install Ubuntu by burning it to a USB stick or try it via software like Virtual Box.

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