Top 5 Great Features of Pop OS Linux

Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta
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Pop OS is a Linux distribution developed by an American computer manufacturer System76. Pop OS Linux has all the goodness of Ubuntu. Pop OS does not comes with bloatware. So you will see very few preinstalled applications. Here are the top 5 features of Pop OS.

1) Nvidia Graphics Support in Pop OS Linux

Pop OS comes with all of NVIDIA’s GPU drivers. So, if you have NVIDIA card in your computer, then you should use Pop OS. Even if you go to the Pop OS website to download it, then NVIDIA version is available for download separately. Support of NVIDIA makes it a suitable distribution for gaming. In laptops, it offers a hybrid graphic mode that saves power using Intel’s GPU in normal use, and when an application needs an Nvidia card, it uses Nvidia’s GPU.

2) Disk Encryption

In Pop OS, weather you want disk encryption or not is asked during the installation process. You can make your data more secure by filling the password for encryption.

3) Workspace and window management (with auto tiling)

OS Keyboard shortcuts have been provided in Pop OS to manage workspaces and windows. If you choose Auto Tile the workspace then each new window will be set next to the other window. And you can also pull them apart from the tiles.

Top 5 Great Features of Pop OS Linux 1

4) Free software as well as proprietary software

By the way, Pop OS comes with Free software. However, some proprietary software has also been used for media codecs, hardware drivers, etc.

5) Reset Linux like Windows without losing data

PopOS creates a recovery partition that allows you to reset Linux without damaging your files. However you will have to reinstall the software. If you run the installer of Pop OS on a computer in which Pop OS is already installed, then the installer gives you the option to Refresh Install.

Top 5 Great Features of Pop OS Linux 3

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