Stacer: Excellent Linux System Optimization Tool

Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta
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Stacer is a GUI-based open source application, written in C ++ to monitor and optimize the Linux OS. The latest build version of Stacer is 1.1.0, which provides the facility to perform terminal management, process management, host details, CPU, network and disk monitoring, management of startup applications, etc. in a single application.

How to install Stacer Monitoring Tool in Linux

To install the latest version of Stacer in Debian and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, use the following PPA as shown below:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oguzhaninan/stacer
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install stacer

The good thing is that the Stacer package is available in rpm, deb and appimage formats. You can make appimage file executable and run it directly by double clicking in it.

Download Stacer from Github

Stacer Dashboard

As you start the Stacer, first you will see the dashboard. Here, CPU, memory and disk consumption and download, upload activity information are displayed in a beautiful interface. You can also get host related information from the dashboard.

Stacer Dashboard : Linux System Optimization Software

Linux Startup Applications

You can add startup applications to the startup application tray. After adding the application to the tray you can disable / enable or remove the startup app directly from the tray.

Manage Startup applications with Stacer

Linux System Cleaner

We can clean trash, cache and application logs from the system cleaner tray. Depending on the requirement we can either select all to be scanned and cleaned, or we can select individual and clean only them.

Stacer Linux System Disk Cleaner

Manage Linux Services

The Services tab has made it easy to start or stop Linux services. Here you can also filter services based on the status. There are two options in this tray to start / stop the service and enable / disable the service during startup.

Manager Linux Services with Stacer

Monitoring Linux Processes

From the process tray, we can easily monitor the process table. You can sort each column in ascending or descending order, search for different processes from the search bar, select any process, and press “End Process” to end the process.

Monitoring Linux Processes with Stacer

Linux application uninstaller

The uninstaller tray has made removing Linux packages extremely easy. From its search bar we can search the packages and then select and remove them.

Stacer Linux Application Uninstaller

Monitor Linux Resources

In the Resource tab, CPU, RAM, disk, CPU load average and the last 60 seconds of network activity are displayed. For four, eight, or more cores, each core is displayed in different colors.

Monitor Linux Resources with Stacer

Host Manager

You can also easily edit the entries of your hosts files through the stasher. If you are a web developer then this will be useful for you.

Stacer Hosts Manager

APT – Repository Manager

From the APT Repository Manager, we can add a new repository, delete an existing repository, or enable or disable the repository.

Stacer: APT - Repository Manager

Enabling Warning for High CPU/Memory Usage

If you set the configuration by going to the settings of the Stacer then the Stacer can also warn you if your disk, memory or CPU consumption exceeds a limit.

Stacer: Enabling Warning for High CPU/Memory Usage

Even before Stacer, I have seen applications like Disk Cleaner etc. for Linux but Stacer surprised me. So many features in one application. Normally such type of software come as proprietary software. Such applications will help to make Linux popular among general public.

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