Microsoft released the video of exciting UI changes in Windows 10

Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta
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Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system passed one billion active users earlier this week, and the company is now marking this occasion with a video that shows new features and UI changes to Windows. In an Instagram video, Microsoft has revealed a change in the Windows 10 start menu.

Microsoft plans to reduce blocks of tiled interfaces on the Start menu to simplify the start menu and make it easier to scan for apps. This video shows that there are going to be some changes in the way live tile appear.

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Microsoft has also worked on more modern context menus and even a new file app to improve its Fluent Design system. We were waiting for some time for a modern take on Windows File Explorer, and this video shows that it’s coming soon.

It also includes several changes to Microsoft’s Windows icon that the company Has been rolling out recently. Built-in Windows 10 apps are slowly being updated with new and colorful icons.

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