Solution: Why do Windows partitions sometimes get read-only in Linux?

Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta
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When you dual boot Windows and Linux, some times that when we try to access Windows partition through Linux, we notice that Windows partitions get read-only. This problem is common. In some older distributions, the Windows partition is even not accessible at all.

This problem is caused by Windows Fast Startup (hybrid boot or hybrid shutdown), which is enabled by default. When shutting down Windows, it hibernates, allowing it to boot faster. This is a good option on Windows, but many times it causes problems. In fact, when we shut down Windows in a normal way, it is not a perform a full shutdown but a hybrid shutdown, which keeps the partitions locked. And when we boot into Linux we get partition read-only.

Here are some solutions to this problem are as follows:

Perform a “full shutdown”

When Windows is completely shut down, it unmounts the partitions. To perform a full shutdown, press and hold the shift button while clicking Shutdown on the Start menu. You can also click “Restart” because Windows does a full shutdown itself if you “Restart” the PC.

Turn off the fast startup option of Windows

The permanent solution to this problem is to disable fast startup. Though, this will make your Windows boot a bit slower, but if you use Linux more often then you can disable fast startup.

To disable fast startup open the control panel, search for power option here and click on it. Now click on Choose what the power buttons do

Now click on Change settings that are currently unavailable .

Now disable Turn on fast startup under Shutdown Settings.

Now click on the Save Changes button.

I hope, after following the above instructions your problem will get resolved.


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